How to send a lead to CRM using zapier

      1. Login to Zapier, or sign up if you don’t have an account.

      2. When you get to the dashboard click on “Make a New Zap”

  • For the trigger, search and select Batchdialer 1.0.1 on the list then select New Lead created for the event and click continue.

  • You will now be asked to login to your Batchdialer account.

  • After logging in another window will appear asking you to paste the API key. We will leave this window open for now and go to your Batchdialer dashboard.

  • From Batchdialer click on your name, settings then click on Setup Syncing for Zapier.

  • On the new window that opened click on “+” then copy the code that will be generated and hit close.

  • Now let’s go back to the Zapier screen earlier, paste the API link we copied then click yes continue.

  • You will now be asked to test the trigger, click on “Test Trigger” then on the next screen click skip.

  1. We are now ready to setup the action for your CRM.

  • Under App Event search and select your CRM, we will be using Podio as an example.

  • Under action event select “Create Item” then continue.

  • Login to your CRM and grant Zapier access to your account.

  •  Setup the remaining criteria then click continue.

  • On the test screen, click on skip test then close.

  • On the next windows click on turn zap on then go to my zaps, your zap is now complete.

  1. Activating the trigger from call result.

  • From you Batchdialer dashboard go to Phone system > Call result.

  • Edit all the dispositions that you would like to be sent to CRM, enable Mark as lead option for these, and click save.

Your leads will now be sent to your CRM each time your agents selects these dispositions.