If you have both BatchDialer and BatchLeads subscriptions, no need at all to export the list from BatchLeads and Import it into BatchDialer, you can integrate both applications and push leads from BatchLeads towards BatchDialer within a few minutes time. After integrating, click HERE to see how to. push your data from BatchLeads to BatchDialer.

Start by going to your name in the top right hand corner, then click on "settings". From there, click on integrations on the left. Click on "Manage Sync" to the right.

For Integrating BatchDialer with BatchLeads, while being on your dashboard you will need to click on your username and select settings from the drop-down menu. 

As you click on Settings and then INTEGRATIONS button, you will see INTEGRATIONS page where you will need to click on Integration Keys to create a key for BatchLeads integration.

As you click on Integration Keys you will see the below screen where you should click on ADD INTEGRATION KEY to add new key for the BatchLeads integration.

Once you have clicked on the + ADD INTEGRATION KEY button a pop-up will appear as shown in the below screenshot where you need to enter the Integration key name and click on SAVE button.

Once you have the key generated at the BatchDialer end, you can now login to your BatchLeads account and click on your username, and select the "My workspace". Click on "Integrations" on the left then scroll to the very bottom of the page. Paste your code in the BatchDialer blank, then click the blue checkmark you'll see on the right to save the integration.

After you paste the key here you will need to click on Save Integration button to save the settings. 

Once the key is accepted the message SUCCESS will pop-up which confirms the key is accepted and you can now push data from BatchLeads to BatchDialer!